SETRE Blue Top Collar Belted Blouse

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The blouse, which fascinates with its claim to detail, is an indispensable part of your special invitations.
Sleeve: Long Sleeve
Collar Type: Stand Collar
Fabric: Woven
Material: 52% Polyamide 48% Viscose
Polyamide: It is the first synthetic fiber produced in the world. It is a type of fiber with very good mechanical strength. Thanks to this feature, it can be used in fabrics that are desired to be durable, compared to other fiber types.
Viscose: It is soft and draped and gives a silk appearance in terms of touch and brightness. Due to its moisture absorption feature, it resembles cotton to a great extent. It prevents sweating, it is in the group of natural fibers.
Lining: Unlined
Colors may vary due to light difference in studio shootings.

Wash with care.

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